SBL Drops No. 8 for Allergic rhinitis

SBL Drops No. 8 for Allergic rhinitis

a year ago
Brand: Sbl Pvt Ltd

Price:  Rs. 140.00 (30 ml Drop)

Allergic rhinitis is a common manifestation of allergic diseases affecting approximately 15% - 25% of the world population. This is an inflammation of the nasal passages caused by allergens. The allergic factors might be positive family history, exposure to chemicals, perfumes, cold temperature, humidity, wind, air pollution, fumes and smoke.

Indication of SBL Drops No. 8 for Allergic rhinitis :

  • Watery nasal discharge
  • Paroxysmal sneezing
  • Nasal obstruction
  • Itching in nose, palate & pharynx
  • Watering of eyes
  • Loss of sense of smell
  • Post nasal drip

SBL Drops No. 8 which relieves the signs & symptoms of allergic rhinitis effectively without producing any adverse effects.

Symptoms of SBL Drops No. 8 for Allergic rhinitis:

  • Nasal Discharge
  • Excessive Sneezing
  • Itching/irritation in nose & throat
  • Watering of eyes
  • Nasal obstruction and headache


No known contra-indication

Dosage of SBL Drops No. 8 for Allergic rhinitis:

SBL Drops No. 8 for Allergic rhinitis used 10-15 drops in 1/4 cup of water, 3-4 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.


Bottle of 30ml


Allium Cepa 3x Euphrasia Officinalis 3x
Sabadilla 3x Solidago virgaurea 3x

Allium Cepa:

Allium Cepa is used for watery eyes, clear nasal discharge, irritates the upper lip, sneezing, tickling cough, etc. The person usually feels thirsty, worse indoors, and feel better in the fresh air.

Euphrasia Officinalis:

Euphrasia Officinalis is used for allergy with nasal discharge, and with irritating watering eyes, coughing.


Sabadilla is used for sneezing, itching in the nose with irritation runny discharge, a feeling of swelling in the throat, and watery eyes.

Solidago Virgaurea

Solidago Virgaurea is used for sinus infection, allergic rhinitis, asthma, Immunol.

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