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SBL RITE-HITE Tablets in Growth in children is decided by internal and external factors. The production of Somatotropin (growth hormone) is often altered under certain circumstances. Somatotropin is also known as growth hormone. It is very important for growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration.

There is tons of factor play a role in child overall height. Gender, Nutritional input, genetic makeup, workout amount of sleep various condition are the factors which can affect the kid rate of growth and height.


  • SBL Rite Hite promotes optimal growth children who have.
  • Imperfect Assimilation
  • Feeble digestion
  • Anemia
  • Lack of concentration
  • Poor memory

How to increase height

  • Keeps daily exercise and avoid mobile using in children for a long time.
  • Physical activity is a very important day set routine for play in the ground like a football, skipping, and basket, etc.
  • In children, sound sleep is very important and plays an important role in good health and growth also.
  • keeps avoiding bad habits in teenage-like: cigarette, alcohol or any kind of Dhumrapan.
  • Always sit proper position and standing for good height.
  • Stretching of the muscles always.

Vitamin D is playing an important role in growing children is must play in the playground. Don't stick to television, mobile, laptop, etc.


No known contra-indication

Direction of uses

Children below 13 years One tablets once a day.
Children above 13 years Two tablets once a day

or as prescribed by the physician


Bottle of 25 gm and 450 gm


Baryta Carbonica 3x Natrum Muriaticum 3x
Calcarea Phosphorica 3x Silicea 3x

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