Medisynth Wartex forte Drops

Medisynth Wartex forte Drops
6 months ago
Brand: Medisynth
Price:  Rs. 110.00 (30 ml Drop)
Medisynth Wartex forte Drops

Dr Vacanally's Medisynth Wartex forte Drops uses :

  • It is beneficial in treating hyperkeratosis (abnormal thickening of the outer layer of skin), benign epithelial tumours.
  • Medisynth Wartex is a method to delete warts and is considered safe, effective, easy to administer and notably, does not leave any marks or scars as an after effect.
  • Medisynth Wartex forte Pills are a safe, effective, painless homeopathic medication to effectively deal with warts and corns.
  • Medisynth Wartex has the therapeutic property of tackling the affected part by softening the circular skin bed and eliminating it from within. Medisynth Wartex Pills are recommended for mild symptoms and Wartex Drops for acute symptoms.


Antimonium Curdum 1M :

Horny warts on hands and soles. Weakness and shaking of hands in writing. Inflamed corns.

Causticum 1M :

Warts large, jagged, bleeding easily, on tips of fingers and nose. Soreness in folds of skin, back of ears, between thighs.

Thuja Occidentalis 1M :

  • Tubercles
  • Warts
  • Dry skin
  • Brown spots.


No known contra-indication


No known side-effects


30 ml


5-10 drops orally 2-3 times a day. Children: Half the above dose.

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