Medisynth Gasgan forte pills and drops

Medisynth Gasgan forte pills and drops
3 years ago
Brand: Medisynth
Price:  Rs. 75.00 (25 gm Pill)
Medisynth Gasgan forte pills and drops

Medisynth Gasgan improves digestive processes and liver activity by regulating the pH levels of gastric juices, thus relieving acidity and constipation. Available in drops and pills, Medisynth Gasgan is a very effective combination formulated to relieve dyspepsia, belching, flatulence, gastralgia, water brash, and discomfort caused due to indigestion.

Ingredients of Gasgan forte pills:

Nux Vomica 200:

Reduces acidity and flatulence, thus relieves pressure on the chest and distress in breathing, regulates bowel movements, therefore promotes healthier digestion. It helps to overcome the digestive disturbances in people who have sedentary habits.

Carbo Vegetabilis 200:

Acts on flatulence cause distressing eructations of acidity, water brash, and gastralgia. Carbo Veg help with gas, acidity, constipation, and gas distension.

Colchicum Autumnale 200:

It relieves constipation and a peculiar ineffectual urge for passing stools. It also reduces flatulence and nausea.

CONTRA-INDICATON of Gasgan forte pills:

No known contra-indication

Side-effects of Gasgan forte pills:

No known of Side effects

Home Remedies of gas

  • Ginger get relief from the gas, constipation and used for a good appetite, Cardamom, and fennel also used for gas.
  • Garlic is another home remedy for gas problems. Garlic use with Black paper and Cummins seed for reduces gas formation. It helps proper digestion.
  • Ajwain or Carom Seeds are also used for reduced gas formation.
  • Take a lemon juice for reduced of gas formation
  • Use apple cider vinegar to reduce gas formation.

Presentation of Gasgan forte pills:

25 gm

Dosage of Gasgan forte pills:

Pills (for acute symptoms):Pills (for mild symptoms):3 pills of Medisynth Gasgan forte upto 3 times a day. (Children:Half the above dose).

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