Medisynth Alfamalt forte

Medisynth Alfamalt forte
Price:  Rs. 270.00 (450 gm syrup)

Medisynth Alfamalt Forte is an excellent tonic for underweight children, malnourished adults with poor appetite and women in pregnancy. It stimulates the physical and mental processes, especially when the normal capacity of assimilation is retarded due to illness. Helps gain body weight.

Medisynth Alfamalt Forte is a time tested health enhancer indicated in cases of convalescence, fatigue, nervous exhaustion, irritability, sleeplessness, anaemia. Homeopathic malt prepared with germinated barley.


  • Mental exhaustion
  • Physical tiredness
  • Weight Gain
  • Nervous Breakdown
  • Weak Memory
  • Poor appetite


Alfalfa 2x

Avena Sativa 3x

Cinchona Officinalis 3x

Hydrastis Canadensis 2x

Withania Somnifera 2x

Acidum Phosphoricum 2x

Ferrum Phosporicum 6x

Kali Phosphoricum 6x

Natrum Phosphoricum 6x

Calcarea Phosphoricum 6x

Magnesium Phosphoricum 6x


No known contra-indication


No known side-effects


250 gm, 450 gm


Growing Children: 2 teaspoonful of Medisynth Alfamalt Forte daily after breakfast.

For under- weight children: 5 – 10g (1 -2 teaspoonful) 2 to 3 times daily.

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