Homeopathic Medicine for mouth ulcer SBL RINSOUT

Homeopathic Medicine for mouth ulcer SBL RINSOUT
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Mouth ulcers (medically termed as apthous stomatitis) are very painful, small shallow ulcers that appear in the mouth affecting checks, gums, tongues, lips, and roof and floor of the mouth and often make eating and talking uncomfortable.

The ulcer may also form by using hard toothbrush, abrasions, wearing ill fitting dentures or sharp tooth. Sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) a detergent in some oral health care product or intake of drugs like NSAIDs (pain Killers) can produce a mouth ulcer.

SBL's Rinsout Mouthwash is in-house clinically proven composition balanced with best homeopathic medicines that have antiseptic and inflammatory properties and help in healing the mouth ulcer quickly.


Mouth ulcers with pain, burning, redness and swelling.


No known contra-indication

Direction of uses

Put 20-25 Drops in 1/4th cup of water, rinse the mouth 2-3 times by holding the liquid in the mouth for about 30-40 seconds, Do this 2-3 times daily.

or as prescribed by the physician

For External Use Only

Compatible with oral homeopathic medicines.


Bottle of 30 ml with dropper


Calendula officinalis Q Echinacea Angustifolia Q
Hydrastis Canadensis 3x

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