Haslab Ashoka Elixir Tonic with Janosia for women

Haslab Ashoka Elixir Tonic with Janosia for women

5 months ago
Brand: Haslab

Price:  Rs. 210.00 (450 ml Syrup), Rs. 85.00 (115 ml Tonic)

Haslab Ashoka Elixir Tonic menses too early and too profuse, flow passive, dark clot ten offensive, uterine atony, bad effects of abortions and miscarriages for an ideal woman's tonic.

Janosia Ashoka :

This drug has great influence on the female reproductive organs, its mother tincture is commonly prescribed for delayed and irregular menses, amenorrhea, pain in ovaries before flow, menstrual colic, menorrhagia, irritable bladder with common symptoms like unilateral headache, reflex uterine, congestive headache, better open air and by free flow. In Ayurved, the bark of Ashoka is recommended with boiled milk as a remedy for menstrual disorders(menstrual delay). It is also helpful in Dysmenorrhoea and also known as a nourishing tonic for uterus.


non menstrual bleeding from uterus,menstrual difficulties,fever in women during period, Women with uterine prolapse from loss of strength

Xanthoxylum Fraxineum:

Neuralgic dysmenorrhoea,Pain headache in women before period or during period,rheumatic affections, back pain during period

Viburnum Opulus

Female symptoms most important. Often prevents miscarriage. False labor-pains.


In women physical Tiredness, Menstrual Complaints, leucorrhoea,Metorrhagia , Uterine colic , UTIs


  • Janosia Ashoka 1x
  • Helonias 1x
  • Xanthoxylum 1x
  • Viburnum OP 1x


Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (india)


2 tablespoonful of Haslab Ashoka Elixir Tonic with water twice daily before meals.

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