Dr. Reckeweg R84 Inhalant Allergy Drops

Dr. Reckeweg R84 Inhalant Allergy Drops

4 days ago
Brand: Reckeweg

Price:  Rs. 270.00 (30 ml Drops)

Dr. Reckeweg R84 drops are a proven homeopathic medicine for breathing problems. Inhalants have a common symptom of respiratory problems. Inhalant allergies can be caused by environmental factors like pets, pollen grains, house dust mites, air pollution, etc.. Hay fever is caused by reactions to air pollution allergens. The symptoms include blocked nose, frequent sneezing, watering eyes, itchy eyes, dry throat, headaches, inflammation of the lining of the eyes or nose, etc. Symptoms can be an inability to concentrate, disturbed sleep, depression, etc. If hay fever is left untreated it may develop into asthma.


Pili animalum, Fungi, Semen et pollen grains, Pulvis herb inutilis, Pollen:


Adrenalinum is a hormone and medication and also known as epinephrine. In homeopathic medicine active principle of the Adrenal medulla of the suprarenal gland, is employed as a chemical messenger in the regulation of the activities of the body. Adrenalinum low potency for a used hormonal anti-allergic response.


Histaminum is an organic nitrogenous compound that involves a local immune response and provides an anti-histamine effect for the body.


7 to 10 drops 3 times a daily is normally recommended, but some cases of extreme reactivity will react to this concentration


In case of food allergies use of Reckeweg R16, Reckeweg R37, Reckeweg R43, Reckeweg R49 is recommended


A lot of stress and over-activity or anything that a lot of mental work the sympathetic nervous system can drain its ability to counteract the immune defense of the parasympathetic nervous system.

The extreme antibody response can develop in an unbalanced body.

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