BJain omeo injury relief tablets

BJain omeo injury relief tablets
3 years ago
Brand: Bjain
Price:  Rs. 139.00 (25 gm Tablets)
BJain omeo injury relief tablets

A natural remedy for first aid that is safe and free from no side effects. Indicated for any injury, muscle sprain, and strain due to accidental energy contain well-known remedy to for injury, relieve pain in muscle tendons. It's very useful for antiseptic medicines.

Arnica Montana:

Arnica Montana is one of the best-known homeopathic medicines for injury, bruising, trauma, etc. It has been used for many tests to prove the effect of homeopathic remedies. Admittedly, some plastic surgeons use it to reduce injury after doing cosmetic surgery. Many more people are converted to the homeopathic cause after seeing spectacular results with this is the most useful humble herb.

Hypericum Perforatum:

Hypericum Perforatum is the medicine to try for the patient who experiences sharp shooting pains after a head injury or with any injury involving the spinal cord.

Ledum Palustre:

Ledum Palustre remedy is used for " First Aid." It is, therefore, a common choice in homeopathic " First Aid Kits" The homeopathic remedy Ledum plaster is used in cases of bites, stings, puncture wounds (e.g., nails, legs, fragments, or other sharp objects), and wounds the look "inflated" Ledum palustre is also considered helpful in cases of eye injuries that cause the inflammation of the eye or bloodshot.

Ruta Graveolens:

Ruta graveolens is a good remedy for non-inflammatory injuries of the eye, overuse injuries of wrists.


  • Blunt injury
  • Sprain
  • Strain
  • After operation surgery
  • Any injury


Bottle of 25 gm

Side Effects:

No Known Side Effects.


Arnica Montana 3X Hypericum perforatum 3X
Ledum palustre 3X Rhus toxicodendron 6X
Ruta graveolens 3X Symphytum officinale 2X
Bellis perennis 3X

Home remedies (Gharelu Remedies) are effective for sprains and strains.

  • Rest the injured part, not move an injury part.
  • Ice the injury.
  • Compress the injured area. It again limits the swelling.
  • Use Dettol or Alum take any clean cotton cloth bandage injured part, bandage help stop bleeding.

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