Bakson's AC#9 Tablet for hair fall

Bakson's AC#9 Tablet for hair fall
3 years ago
Brand: Bakson
Price:  Rs. 200.00 (100 gm 75 tabs)
Bakson's AC#9 Tablet for hair fall

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Bakson AC#9 Tablet is a homeopathic remedy that controls hair loss, thin hair, grey hair, hair loss, and dandruff.

It contains valuable homeopathic hair remedies like Lycopodium (grey hair), Acid Phos (grey hair), Natrum Mur (Dandruff and thin hair), Arnica Mont (Hair Tonic), Cantharis (premature greying of hair), Jaborandi is an herb (Scalp, hair loss).

It works in hair fall after a chronic illness, and anxiety and depression. It rejuvenates your hair loose. Eventually, AC 9 Tablet is the best remedy for hair loss.

Benefits AC 9 Tablet:

  • It controls hair loss, prevents baldness, and restores loss hair.
  • It controlled premature grey hairs.
  • It Helps against thin hairs and restore thickness of hair.
  • Provide natural growth for rough and thin hair.


  • Acid Phosphoricum 3x
  • Lycopodium Clavatum 3x
  • Jaborandi 3x
  • Natrum mur 3x
  • Arnica Montana 3x
  • Cantharis 3x


No known side effects


Tablets Adults 1 tablets, 3-4 times a day, in acute conditions 1 tablets, 2-3 hourly
Children 1 tablet, 3-4 times a day

Or, as prescribed by the physician.


Tablets: Bottle of 100gm, 75 Tablets

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