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Price:  Rs. 135.00 (Suger free Syrup), Rs.115.00 (Massage oil Spray), Rs. 75.00 (Orthomuv Gel)

SBL’s ORTHOMUV SYRUP taken orally and ORTHOMUV MASSAGE OIL / SPRAY/ ROLL-ON applied externally is the ideal combination to treat joint pains.

A problem like arthritis and rheumatism are debilitating condition which generally affects the fingers, Hips, Knees, neck and other joints causing pain and stiffness.

ORTHOMUV SYRUP is a well balanced combination containing vital ingredients to treat inflammation, thereby reducing pain and swelling and making movement possible.

ORTHOMUV MASSAGE OIL / SPRAY/ ROLL-ON enriched with homeopathic extract of Gaultheria along with other tinctures penetrate swiftly into the area of pain. After penetration the active ingredient stimulates circulation, relax stiffness and relive tense painful tissues.

Ideal For

Arthritis, Muscular Pain, backache, Joint pain, Sprains and cramps, Ease the swelling pain in joints, stiffness with ORTHOMUV SYRUP and ORTHOMUV MASSAGE OIL


Joint and muscular pain

Swelling and stiffness of joint


No known contra-indication


Adults(syrup) One teaspoonful, 3 times a day
How to apply ORTHOMUV MASSAGE OIL Massage the oil gently on the affected area, 2-3 times daily

Or, as prescribed by the physician.


Orthomuv Syrup: Bottle of 180 ml, Orthomuv Massage oil & Spray: Bottle of 60 ml

Orthomuv Massage oil Roll-on: Bottle of 10 ml Also available sugar free Orthomuv Syrup.


Arnica Q Ext. Arnica montana
Dulcamara Q Ext. Gaultheria procumbens
Gaultheria 3x Ext. Cantharis
Kali iodatum 3x Methyl salicylate in sesame oil
Bryonia 3x and L.L.P q.s.
Rhus tox 6x
Acidum Benzoicum 3x

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