Bakson Y-LAX Laxatives Tablets for constipation

Bakson Y-LAX Laxatives Tablets for constipation
Price:  Rs. 100.00 (75 Tablets)

An effective formulation with laxative action combining the valuable homeopathic remedies and an additional constituent phenolphthalein that tones up the intestines, regulates bowel habits, relieves constipation and anal itching. Also relieves the associated complaints of bloated sensation, flatulence, abdominal pain and straining during defecation.


  • constipation associated with liver disorders, piles, fissures etc
  • constipation before or during menses
  • dry, difficult hard stools
  • constipation of the aged people

Constipation It is a symptom and not a disease. Many men and nearly all women complain about their bowels movement. They have always tended to be rather constipated. Instead of having a daily bowel action, their bowels movement only once every two or three days rather with difficult stool and at a times painful.


No known contra-indication


Tablets Adults 1 tablet, 4 times a day, in acute conditions 2 tablets, 2-3 hourly
Children 1 tablet, 3 times a day

or as prescribed by the physician.


75 tabs, 200 tabs.


Phenolphthalein 1x Senna 1x
Sulphur 1x

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