Dr. Reckeweg R85 High Blood Pressure Drops

Dr. Reckeweg R85 High Blood Pressure Drops

a year ago
Brand: Reckeweg

Price:  Rs. 270.00 (30 ml Drops)

Blood pressure with systolic above 140 or diastolic over 90 (hyper-tension).


Allium sativum: Lowers blood pressure.

Citrus limonum: Strong diuretic effect.

Cor: Glandulae suprarenales, Glandular stimulation.

Kalium jodatum: Stimulates potassium absorption, decreases viscosity of blood.

Kalium phosphoricum: Conduction disturbance,anxiety, depression.

Mesencephalon: Glandular stimulation, Hypertension

Ren: Hormonal blood pressure regulation.

Tartarus depuratus: Strong diuretic effect.

Valeriana officinalis: Calming effect.


10 drops 3 or 4 times is normally recommended,with as large an amount of water as the kidney can handle.

6-10 drops 6 times daily for more severe of chronic cases,supplement diet with potassium rich foods or natural potassium supplements.


In case of nervous heart types use reckeweg R2 and reckeweg R66

with kidney involvement reckeweg R18 and reckeweg R27

with protein clogging of kidney reckeweg R64

with impaired circula- tion reckeweg R63 and reckeweg R67

with venous stasis reckeweg R42 and in case of nervousness use reckeweg Vita-C15,reckeweg R22, reckeweg R36,reckeweg R47

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